Free One-Hour Training + Bonus

Three Secrets to Offer Jesus in Winsome Ways

to your neighbors and the nations near you without fear, feeling inauthentic—or that dreaded cringe factor.

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In this Masterclass, you'll learn...


How to get a YES!

every time you ask someone from another faith background if you can pray for them (and the courage to ask)

Three super effective story-telling ways

that start spiritual conversations without the "cringe" factor, and deeply resonate with oral learners

Two things you MUST do from the start

to build bridges, foster trust, and be accepted by people from non-western cultures

The ONE most important question to ask

to disciple anyone from any faith or any culture INTO faith in Jesus

The stakes are high if we can't offer Jesus in winsome and bridging ways...

to people from other faith and culture backgrounds than us. 

I'm guessing it bothers you too that three billion people do not have ACCESS to the good news of the Kingdom of God. And some of them live near us.

You deeply desire to give some of those people that CHANCE...

BUT if we don't learn simple, wholistic ways to offer Jesus so that his message can be understood and received well, they might NEVER even have an opportunity to say YES to God.

This master class is a must attend if...

  • You want to be genuine when you speak of Jesus BUT you don't know how to make conversations feel natural. 

  • You've got a Hindu, Muslim, or Buddhist or other-faith background friend and you're not sure how to foster spiritual interest.

  • You're DISTURBED that three billion people might never get the chance to experience the Kingdom of God and you are NOT. OKAY. with that.

  • You're GOT to know about these THREE super-practical things (and a special BONUS GUIDE too) I learned to offer Jesus in bridging, authentic, genuine ways and you JUST. MIGHT. wanna become part of a like-minded tribe of cross-cultural, dreamer-doers.

A personal invitation from Jeannie Marie...

I used to feel like maybe one person couldn't do much about three billion people who might never have the CHANCE to know Jesus. Like, maybe it was too hard. Or for someone else to do.

But now? No way! NOW I can tell you that ONE PERSON (that's YOU) CAN have ah-mazing spiritual purpose, a whole lot of cross-cultural adventures, and TONS of eternal impact.

That it can be so. much. simpler than you think. And it's for everyone.

Let me show you how.

I've been loving my neighbors who don't look like me or believe like me since I was a year old—growing up in the tropics of the Philippines.

I've also spent a DECADE in my own country of America learning to offer Jesus to vision driven refugees from Iraq—and culturally fascinating international students from India and Saudi Arabia.

Aaaaand then—after dreamin' and a LOT of praying—my husband, four kids (Yes! That's my favorite job) and I moved to start businesses and offer Jesus to educated, unreached Muslims in India.

I've learned a few secrets to offer Jesus in winsome, bridging ways to ANYONE. (If you don't know me, and you wonder about my faith background, if you know any of these organizations below, I agree with their statement of faith!)

Yes! E-mail me the link to watch the training right now—or whenever I want—with a limited time access.

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