Sneak a Peek of The Neighbors & Nations Course

For a limited time, get instant access to Module One of The Neighbors & Nations Course where you will do three important things to find internationals who live near you. You'll set yourself up for success to make and disciple as many friends as you WANT who have LEAST ACCESS to Jesus.


What You'll Get


Access to (Most of) Module One

Three lessons with videos and downloadable guides to help you find internationals near you, through mapping, prayer vision-walking, and meeting and greeting.


A Peek At the Whole Course

See the Six Modules, Lesson titles, and Bonuses so you can determine if this is what you (or the people you mobilize and influence) need.


A Way to Check Out My Teaching Style

I want to get you results. So, see if you like my step-by-step, easy-to-do-it, results-oriented AND encouraging style. This is a DO. IT. course.


A Head Start

Get started RIGHT NOW reaching the three billion people with the least access to the Kingdom of God—because some of them live near you.



Jeannie Marie

Sooo, I've been working on The Neighbors & Nations Course for MONTHS.

Diggin' into fifteen years of life stories, loving on refugees, international students, and countless trips and years of living overseas.

For you.

Yes, I'm talking to those of you who REALLY want to love and serve people who don't look or believe like you do, right where you already live.

But you're like,

"I need somebody to do this WITH ME step-by-step—like a guide, like a friend, like a mentor...

Who tells me exactly what to do, what to say, and gives me confidence and courage!"

Aaaaaand so now, I'm opening The Neighbors & Nations Course for you to take a SNEAK PEEK into Module One for freeeeee...

BUT only for SEVEN DAYS.

So don't miss it!

Get on in there while it's open now.

I realllllly want you to take The Neighbors & Nations Course for a test drive.

PS: On the next page, when you say you want the SNEAK PEEK, it will tell you made a "Purchase" but it's FREE, so you'll see 0 dollars charged. This is because you need a way to access the course platform, so you have to create a password. You'll get an email with the link to enter, using your password.

Okay! Count Me In!

What People Are Saying About the Sneak Peek...

Julie, Cross Cultural Worker

I love how easily accessible and approachable you make it. Allows for total newbies to venture in without feeling stupid. I wish I had all this 20 years ago before I first went on an international trip and now live overseas! (And cannot tell you how many times I would have loved the resource for churches and short-term missions teams!)

Jeff, Pastor

I'm two lessons into the Sneak Peek and I am hooked. And you can also tell people that a missions pastor at a big church who wrote a book on Mission 101 for his Ph.D. said that. I did exactly what you said to do in Module One and found three Hindu temples I didn't know were right near me.

Joy, Refugee Friendmaker

I LOVE it. Thank you for this very practical resource. I can’t wait to do the rest of the modules. I was excited to see the Turkish coffee window in the prayer walk (you modeled).  

I think this is going to be a fantastic training and change the world one believer, one international, one church at a time.